Friday, November 23, 2012

Good bye Eclipse, Hello Idea!

Used Eclipse since IBM contributed the first version in several flavors: First pure Eclipse, then MyEclipse and the last years SpringSource STS.
Projects went bigger and migrated from Ant to Maven to Gradle. The last projects were 100% Grails.

Grails development itself is great. Fast, nice and ... fast.
But Eclipse went worse and worse with every new revision released. Spring Plugin had to be disabled as working was impossible with it. Using Eclipse at the end was a pain.

Due to this, a few weeks ago I tried IntelliJ IDEA 11.
And what could I say? It is great. Fast, feature rich and supports things I didn't ever think about.

Small example: Resource bundles.
You see miss-spelled rb key names in all files using them. All files? Yes! Java, Groovy, JSF, JSP, etc.
You also see unused rb keys in the rb files!

Debugging is much better than in Eclipse. Javascript debugging is simply great.
Spring support? Bean validation, Spring Webflow charts, etc. work (I didn't notice and speed reduction while using it)

Groovy? Much better than current Eclipse plugin.
Gradle? Great as well! Including validation, which is missing in Eclipse.

Code completion works like a charm, even in Groovy and Gradle build files.

Eclipse is years behind.

Ok, it is not free of charge. Personal license is $199 and Commercial license start at $499.
This means for me, it will take only days until I got this amount back, as I'm so much faster in developing now.

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