Monday, February 20, 2017

Import GitHub Enterprise into VMware vCenter 6.5

I wanted to try GitHub Enterprise 2.8.7 in my vCenter 6.5 env, but the OVF import always cancelled with an error message that the ProductInfo is not allowed in the envelope.

It seems the GitHub OVF template was created with a fairly old ovftool.


1. Unpack the OVF (it's a ZIP file)
2. Edit the .ovf file and move the "ProductSection" XML Element to the <VirtualSystem> node. See this Gist.
3. Afterwards, re-compute the SHA1 fingerprint of the .ovf file and update the .md file with the new fingerprint
4 Re-package the files into a new .ovf zip archive.

After this change, it worked here to import he GH Enterprise OVF.

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